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Whistler Real Estate Online | www.whistler-real-estate-online.com
This website is an informational portal providing resources for Whistler real estate, realtors, lodging, shared ownership opportunities, Whistler Village and weather. Whistler real estate has been at the forefront of the real estate industry since the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver-Whistler. Not only has Whistler real estate increased in value over the past few years, there is great optimism in Vancouver and the Whistler region in advance of the world event. Whistler real estate has always been a rich-man's resort recreational haven. However, with the recent and current real estate project developments, Whistler real estate offers something for everyone. Not only can you find amazing luxury homes perched at the top of the mountain, but you can also find smaller chalets, lodges or bungalows throughout the valley and surrounding area around Whistler. The real estate climate is changing Whistler and many Whistler realtors selling real estate have picked up on this. Whistler real estate price wars are not uncommon as several bidders try to bid each other for the place of their dreams.

In addition, the new trend in Whistler real estate has been fractional ownership. Also called Whistler shared ownership, Whistler quarter ownership or half ownership, this concept started in Whistler by Intrawest Corporation and has exponentially increased since it's inception. This Whistler real estate concept is simple ... co-own a Whistler lodge or chalet or home with 2, 3 or more other owners. The reasoning makes sense ... most people who own Whistler real estate or any recreational resort home will only use it for maybe 4 weeks out of the entire year. Why not split the cost of a home with other real estate partners, enjoy your 4 weeks and spend the money you save on other things for your family? For many real estate purchasers, Whistler real estate fractional ownership is a cost-savings process that allows them to enjoy the lifestyle that they deserve. Whistler fractional ownership is everywhere.

There are many Whistler real estate choices. From Whistler lodging to condos, chalets and accommodation, Whistler real estate has grown a lot and will continue to grow well past the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. This year has already been a great skiing and snowboarding season for Whistler. From the original snow dump in November, Whistler weather has been keeping locals and visitors very happy. With an annual winter snowbase of over 200cm, Whistler snowfall is a given every year. Although there are not many World Cup events hosted at Whistler anywhere, Whistler-Blackcomb weather provides some of the best snow and snowfall conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. Whistler weather and Whistler snowfall are very comparable to that of the Alps in Europe.

Whistler real estate trends are pointing in the right direction. With millions of dollars in real estate deals last year, Whistler realtors will have more than they can handle this year with the new sea to ski highway, Whistler marketing plan to the international community and great packages from Whistler hotels. If you are planning on buying Whistler real estate to enjoy with your family and friends, now is the time to buy. Prices for Whistler real estate have remained steady over the past 2 years, but are bound to increase significantly during the 5 years leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

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If you are a real estate investor or invest in property, Whistler real estate is a great market to invest in. Not only have property and home costs remained stable (compared to other markets recently), but Whistler real estate provides you with an investment like no other. You are buying into a lifestyle-based resort recreational property where you have Intrawest Corporation, the largest resort developer in the world making your Whistler real estate dreams come true. Within the next five years, real estate analysts have predicted that Whistler real estate values will almost double. That's not too bad for a town that didn't even exist on the world map 20 years ago!

Whistler Real Estate Online provides comprehensive information on Whistler realtors, real estate, property and other tourist information including lodging, condos, chalets, accommodation, rentals, fractional ownserhip, hotels and inns. The website also has a dedicated space about Whistler and Whistler weather. Visit Whistler Real Estate Online for more information.

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01-11-2004 - 4AM Group launches Copper Colorado and Winter Park Resort email newsletter templates
Copper Colorado and Winter Park are two of the largest winter resorts in the United States. The email campaigns will be directed towards season passholders and cardholders.

01-11-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, launches Bambu.ca, a new real-estate development in the heart of Victoria.

28-10-2004 - 4AM Group to launch new website for Intrawest Passholders.

27-10-2004 - Function Point engages 4AM Group to re-develop their pay-per-click campaigns
Function Point is a leading web-based timesheet and project management software company based in Vancouver.

22-10-2004 – 4AM Group (www.4amgroup.com) reaches 9000 unique visitors since July 2004.

20-10-2004 - 4AM Group launches Sutton Place Edmonton website.
The Edmonton website is fully optimized for the search engines. This launch follows the re-launches of the Corporate and Vancouver websites.

19-10-2004 - 4AM Group, search engine specialists, engaged to start pay-per-click campaigns for Lonne Clark, a Whistler and Pemberton realtor.

15-10-2004 - 4AM Group to provide email marketing services for Fuzzyco inc.
Fuzzyco inc. is a leading design firm in Toronto. They engaged 4AM Group to provide email marketing services for their clients.

14-10-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm to develop Trading Stories website.
Trading Stories will be an informational website where Storied Places owners can trade holiday and resort time between Storied Places resorts and the Four Seasons Residence Clubs.

04-10-2004 – Extremely Canadian engages 4AM Group to design a new corporate website.
Since 1994 Extremely Canadian has offered advanced all-mountain ski instruction on Whistler. They also offers deluxe accommodations at our cozy Extremely Canadian Lodge in Whistler, BC.

01-10-2004 – Hostelling International USA engages 4AM Group, Vancouver email marketing firm.
Hostelling International has engaged 4AM to develop an ongoing email marketing campaign including strategy, design, copy, editorial, database management and send-out services.

01-10-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches conference site for Helly Hansen .
Helly Hansen is a leader in outdoor and functional clothing. The conference serves as a launch for the unveiling of the much-anticipated W05 collection.

29-09-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches music website for The Dynamics.
The Dynamics play R&B and soul music from the 60s and 70s. 4AM launched a new interactive Flash website for promotional and marketing purposes.

13-09-2004 - 4AM Group, web design firm launches new Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver website.
The Sutton Place Hotels are a group of luxury travel and business hotels. 4AM has consulted in the design and development of the website as well as developed a comprehensive search engine optimization plan for all five of their websites.

30-09-2004 – 4AM Group begins Financial Reporting and Accounting policies and procedures online system for Intrawest Corporation

Intrawest Corporation is the largest resort development and management company in the world.

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