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Archives | Quarter 3

September 2004

29-09-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches music website for The Dynamics.
The Dynamics play R&B and soul music from the 60s and 70s. 4AM launched a new interactive Flash website for promotional and marketing purposes.

27-09-2004 – 4AM Group launches website statistics promotion.
Receive two weeks of free web statistics for website visitor analysis, ecommerce tracking and web site performance results.

23-09-2004 – Vancouver web design company, 4AM Group, launches corporate website for 3 Plains.
3Plains delivers effective, accessible and affordable 3D products and simulations that significantly improve communication and understanding of vital technical information for aviation maintenance and service markets, emergency services organizations and technical trades.

17-09-2004 – 4AM Group completes PowerPoint presentation for Intrawest Placemaking.
The PowerPoint presentation is being used for their Development School Program at Squaw Valley in September-October 2004. The presentation is based on the new Placemaking brand.

13-09-2004 - 4AM Group, web design firm launches new Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver website.
The Sutton Place Hotels are a group of luxury travel and business hotels. 4AM has consulted in the design and development of the website as well as developed a comprehensive search engine optimization plan for all five of their websites.

13-09-2004 – 4AM Group ( reaches 6000 unique visitors since June 2004.

10-09-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company, launches new Ownermatch International website.
4AM Group launches a fully search engine optimized website for Ownermatch. A new pay-per-click advertising campaign and cross-linking strategy is also initiated.

08-09-2004 - 4AM Group engaged to redevelop Bains Travel corporate branding.
4AM Group to redevelop corporate logo and stationary package for Bains Travel. Bains Travel is a well established Vancouver-based travel agency.

07-09-2004 - The Sutton Place Hotels engages 4AM Group for internet marketing strategies.
4AM Group engaged to optimize The Sutton Place Hotels corporate website for the search engine as well as to consult on the usability and design of their websites..

07-09-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches new corporate website for ECM.
Espresso Coffee Machines (ECM) was established in 1979 and specializes in Nuova Simonelli brand of espresso machines. The new website showcases ECM imports including many quality Italian products for the food and hospitality industry. ECM is the distributor for: espresso equipment for Nuova Simonelli, Saeco, Elecktra and Azkoyen.

03-09-2004 - Twin Fish Creative engages 4AM Group to re-develop their corporate website.
Twin Fish Creative is one of the leading Vancouver-based corporate identity, visioning and branding companies.

02-09-2004 - Intrawest Placemaking engages 4AM Group to initiate Phase 3 of the Portal project.
The next phase for the Intranet Portal includes an area for new employees, an employee online Goals & Objectives system, blogs and an employee directory.

01-09-2004 - 4AM Group, web design company launches new templates and screensaver for Intrawest Placemaking.
New corporate templates for all 7 regional offices were launched. A multimedia summer/fall screensaver was also released.

August 2004

30-08-2004 – 4AM Group begins Financial Reporting and Accounting policies and procedures online system for Intrawest Corporation

Intrawest Corporation is the largest resort development and management company in the world. The Financial Reporting and Accounting division of Intrawest Placemaking is in the process of putting all the policies and procedures online.

28-08-2004 – Helly Hansen engages 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company to develop a conference website
Helly Hansen is the masterminds behind high-end active wear for the outdoors. Helly Hansen has engaged 4AM Group to develop a conference website for their event in Whistler outlining everything from conference schedules to location to amenities etc.

25-08-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, becomes a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade.

24-08-2004 – 4AM Group begins employee Goals & Objectives online system for Intrawest Corporation
The Goals & Objectives system will allow Intrawest employees to complete their annual development plans online. Managers will have the ability to review their employees G&Os throughout the year which will ultimately determine their progress and bonuses.

23-08-2004 – Intrawest Placemaking engages 4AM Group to design Training and Development School PowerPoint template
The Training and Development School is attended by all Intrawest Placemaking staff. It is a course aimed at producing the most talented and educated staff for resort development.

17-08-2004 – 3 Plains Corporation engages 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company, to design and develop a new corporate website.

3 Plains Corporation works in 3D to assist in the explanation of complex concepts and devices. They develop training courses for the airline industry and also train on how the fire hydrant, fire pump and ladder systems work and the physics behind them for fire fighters.

17-08-2004 – Paul Chu, President of 4AM Group, provides a focused chat on web design, email marketing, and search engine optimization to the Think Referrals Group, North Vancouver Chapter at their weekly breakfast meeting.

16-08-2004 – 4AM Group launches Eaglequest Golf Kelowna email marketing campaign, sending out valuable coupons to Eaglequest Golf Kelowna clients. Click here to check out Eaglequest Golf Kelowna specials.

13-08-2004 – 4AM Group hosts It’s 10am .. Are You Up Yet for partners and clients.
4AM Group hosts breakfast at Honey's and summer kayaking bash for partners and clients at Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak. Click here to see photos.

12-08-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver website design firm, launches Beacon Branding New York.
Beacon Branding New York is one of the top branding and marketing agencies in North America. 4AM Group launched a new Flash animated navigation and intro for Beacon Branding.

10-08-2004 – 4AM Group unveils new Email Marketing Introductory Plan and email marketing pricing.

06-08-2004 – 4AM Group sends an invitation to partners and clients for a breakfast morning kayaking event in Deep Cove.

05-08-2004 – Intrawest Corporation – Finance and Accounting engages 4AM Group to build online user manuals for their internal accounting systems
Intrawest Corporation is the largest resorts development company in the world. 4AM Group has been engaged to develop an internal intranet site with finance and accounting online user manuals and guidelines. Expected launch will be end of fall, 2004.

04-08-2004 – 4AM Group launches new corporate templates for Intrawest Placemaking
4AM Group launches new office templates for Intrawest Placemaking including templates for: fax, memo, letterhead, mailing envelopes and lables, greeting card envelopes and email signatures.

03-08-2004 – 4AM Group launches the re-branding of Intrawest Placemaking to Intrawest Corporation and to the public
4AM is very excited to announce the re-launching of the Intrawest Placemaking Intranet Portal site to all Intrawest employees and to the public. Intrawest Placemaking is the resort development arm of Intrawest Corporation.

03-08-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company, assists Intrawest Placemaking in announcing last year’s Placemaking Award winners and nominees.
4AM launches the Award winners and nominees site for Intrawest Placemaking to rave review. Congratulations to all of this year's award winners and nominees.

01-08-2004 – 4AM Group launches special interest website for the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games
The Winter Olympic Games are of special interest to the 4AM team. We have launched a special interest site for the Vancouver Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games where we will add all the breaking news and exciting stories about the preparation for our Games.

July 2004

30-07-2004 – Meeting with corporate partners Everlasting Communications and Twinfish Creative.

30-07-2004 – 4AM Group invited to the Board Business Boot Camp held by The Vancouver Board of Trade on August 10, 2004.

29-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, re-initiates Flash website for The Dynamics
The Dynamics are Vancouver's favorite rock & soul review with six singers, a real Hammond organ, two hot-shot guitars, bass, drums and a sizzling three-piece horn section. 4AM Group has been engaged to redevelop their existing website.

26-07-2004 – The Beringer Group engages 4AM Group to develop a Planning Kit Instructions booklet
The Beringer Group is one of BC's top project management companies. They have engaged 4AM to design and develop an Instructions booklet for their project management Planning Kit.

26-07-2004 – 4AM Group completes PowerPoint presentation slides for Intrawest Placemaking
4AM Group launches a new corporate PowerPoint presentation template for Intrawest Placemaking. The PowerPoint presentation will be used in all corporate meetings, development launches and investor presentations.

25-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company launches Mondrian Properties temporary Flash website
4AM Group launches a temporary Flash website for Mondrian Properties (aka Cherry Creek Builders), one of the largest real-estate development companies in the United States. The full website will be launched in the fall.

22-07-2004 – Everlasting Communications invites 4AM Group to their client appreciation night
4AM Group enjoys dinner at Shabusen with Everlasting Communications and their guests.

21-07-2004 – Vancouver web design company, 4AM Group, is excited to announce the hiring of Neil Diguangco as a Senior Designer specializing in creative direction, vision, design, and multimedia Flash.

20-07-2004 – Intrawest Corporation multimedia video presentation to the Walt Disney Company a success!

The presentation was designed and developed by 4AM Group and presented by corporate VPs of Intrawest Corporation. The project included copywriting, restructuring, animation, video and much more. 4AM Group was engaged to develop a thrilling presentation in hopes of a long-term partnership between Intrawest and Walt Disney.

19-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, engaged by Intrawest Placemaking to develop corporate templates
Intrawest Placemaking is the resort development arm of Intrawest Corporation. Placemaking has engaged 4AM Group to develop the official corporate templates for the company including memo, fax, letterheads, envelopes, labels, PowerPoint presentations etc.

19-07-2004 – Vancouver web design company, 4AM Group launches new WIDHH E-Commerce website
The new WIDHH E-Commerce online store allows visitors to purchase the widest range of products for the deaf and hard of hearing in North America. A secure payment processing system with integration with WIDHH’s accounting system has further streamlined the purchasing process.

19-04-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm has been engaged by Beacon Branding to redevelop their website navigation menu
Beacon Branding is one of the top branding design firms in North America. Located in New York, Beacon Branding has engaged 4AM to redevelop their Flash navigation system.

17-07-2004 - Mondrian Properties engages Vancouver web design firm, 4AM Group to develop a temporary splash page
Mondrian Properties (aka Cherry Creek Real-Estate) based in Troy, Michigan is one of the largest property developers in North America. Mondrian is currently undergoing a rebranding phase and would like a temporary splash page to reflect their new brand.

17-07-2004 – The Sutton Place Hotels has engaged 4AM Group to optimize all their property websites for search engines
4AM Group will develop search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, search engine submissions, monitoring services and website statistics for all 5 properties including: Vancouver, Chicago, Newport, Edmonton and Toronto.

16-07-2004 – Intrawest Corporation engages 4AM Group to design and develop a multimedia video presentation for their meeting with the Walt Disney Company
4AM Group was engaged to design and develop an intriguing presentation for the corporate VPs of Intrawest. The presentation was to include animation, video and multimedia.

16-07-2004 – 4AM Group Ltd. has been engaged by Leisura Developments to redevelop a corporate logo
Leisura Developments would like print and web-ready versions of their corporate logo for both their American and Canadian divisions.

16-07-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design company, launches enhancements to the Dexter Lake Union website
The new enhancements to the Dexter Lake Union website include a guest card, downloadable PDF documents and image additions to their various photo galleries.

16-07-2004 – Partnership Meeting at Blenz
4AM Group meets with Everlasting Communications and Twinfish Creative to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

15-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver email marketing company, launches email newsletter campaign for Eaglequest Golf
With a subscription list encompassing all their golf courses, 4AM Group launches Eaglequest Golf’s email newsletter campaign. More to come throughout the year.

14-07-2004 – The Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver invites 4AM Group to graduation lunch.
4AM Group is invited to the first graduation lunch for the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver (NWCAV). The lunch was delicious, the company wonderful and seeing one of our first clients again, Chef Christophe and Chef Tony, was the highlight.

06-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, is engaged by Ownermatch International to develop resort area specific web pages
Ownermatch International has expanded to Kelowna, British Columbia and engaged 4AM Group to develop a Kelowna-focussed web page for their existing site.

05-07-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver search engine optimization company, is engaged by The Sutton Place Hotels to develop a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign for their Vancouver hotel
The Sutton Place Hotels has engaged 4AM Group to develop search engine position, pay-per-click campaigns, monitoring services and website statistics for their Vancouver hotel. 4AM Group and The Sutton Place Hotels are currently working on a long-term partnership plan.

02-07-2004 - 4AM Group goes on a business trip between July 02 -12 in Calgary and Edmonton

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