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4AM Connect | Vancouver email marketing

4AM Connect | we specialize in permission marketing

4AM Connect is an email marketing and internet marketing solutions provider. We offer cost-effective tools and packages for small to medium sized companies and large corporations. 4AM Connect now provides email marketing services and campaigns for clients in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, Denver and many more. Click here for examples of our work including internet marketing campaigns, HTML newsletters, opt-in mailing list setup and more.

4AM Connect specializes in the following areas:
• Permission-based (opt-in) email marketing services
• Targeted internet marketing campaigns
• Email campaign development, execution and review
• Professional HTML email newsletter design and development
• Customized email marketing newsletter templates
• HTML newsletter updating services
Mailing list development services
• Web based list management services
• Web site integration
• Sign-up form addition on your existing website
• Copywriting for online newsletter

Our process consists of 4 stages: Plan, Build, Send and Review:

Step 1: Plan
• Develop email campaign strategy
  • Corporate newsletters, announcements, e-coupons, online contests, seasonal promotions
• Determine the sending intervals for newsletters
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly email newsletters
  • Day of the week to send
• Design HTML emails

Step 2: Build
• Setup mailing lists for opt-in (permission) email marketing
• Import existing client emails
• Identify all sources for building email mailing lists
• Collect emails

Send 3: Send
• Send emails from mailing list account
• Link the online newsletter to web site residing on Internet

Step 4: Review
• Track subscriber growth
• Track increased sales due to email marketing campaign
• Review all comments about delivery and HTML newsletters
• Determine if any changes need to be made for next internet marketing campaign*

* 4AM Connect is committed to the success of your email campaign. As a value added service, we will conduct a review of your internet marketing campaigns on a semi-annual basis. This is a free service and will allow us to provide you with additional permission mailing list statistics and strategies for improving your email campaigns.

4AM Connect services all over North America, Europe and Asia and have developed effective internet marketing campaigns for companies and firms in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in Canada. As well, we have provided email marketing services for companies in New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, California, New Jersey, Denver, Colorado, Washington and Florida.

If you have any questions regarding our internet and email marketing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information about 4AM Connect, please visit our website.

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01-11-2004 - 4AM Group launches Copper Colorado and Winter Park Resort email newsletter templates
Copper Colorado and Winter Park are two of the largest winter resorts in the United States. The email campaigns will be directed towards season passholders and cardholders.

01-11-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm, launches Bambu.ca, a new real-estate development in the heart of Victoria.

28-10-2004 - 4AM Group to launch new website for Intrawest Passholders.

27-10-2004 - Function Point engages 4AM Group to re-develop their pay-per-click campaigns
Function Point is a leading web-based timesheet and project management software company based in Vancouver.

22-10-2004 – 4AM Group (www.4amgroup.com) reaches 9000 unique visitors since July 2004.

20-10-2004 - 4AM Group launches Sutton Place Edmonton website.
The Edmonton website is fully optimized for the search engines. This launch follows the re-launches of the Corporate and Vancouver websites.

19-10-2004 - 4AM Group, search engine specialists, engaged to start pay-per-click campaigns for Lonne Clark, a Whistler and Pemberton realtor.

15-10-2004 - 4AM Group to provide email marketing services for Fuzzyco inc.
Fuzzyco inc. is a leading design firm in Toronto. They engaged 4AM Group to provide email marketing services for their clients.

14-10-2004 - 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm to develop Trading Stories website.
Trading Stories will be an informational website where Storied Places owners can trade holiday and resort time between Storied Places resorts and the Four Seasons Residence Clubs.

04-10-2004 – Extremely Canadian engages 4AM Group to design a new corporate website.
Since 1994 Extremely Canadian has offered advanced all-mountain ski instruction on Whistler. They also offers deluxe accommodations at our cozy Extremely Canadian Lodge in Whistler, BC.

01-10-2004 – Hostelling International USA engages 4AM Group, Vancouver email marketing firm.
Hostelling International has engaged 4AM to develop an ongoing email marketing campaign including strategy, design, copy, editorial, database management and send-out services.

01-10-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches conference site for Helly Hansen .
Helly Hansen is a leader in outdoor and functional clothing. The conference serves as a launch for the unveiling of the much-anticipated W05 collection.

29-09-2004 – 4AM Group, Vancouver web design firm launches music website for The Dynamics.
The Dynamics play R&B and soul music from the 60s and 70s. 4AM launched a new interactive Flash website for promotional and marketing purposes.

13-09-2004 - 4AM Group, web design firm launches new Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver website.
The Sutton Place Hotels are a group of luxury travel and business hotels. 4AM has consulted in the design and development of the website as well as developed a comprehensive search engine optimization plan for all five of their websites.

30-09-2004 – 4AM Group begins Financial Reporting and Accounting policies and procedures online system for Intrawest Corporation

Intrawest Corporation is the largest resort development and management company in the world.

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4AM Group consists of several divisions including 4AM Connect, 4AM FreeWeb and 4AM Recommends providing free initial consulting for web design, website development, email marketing, internet consulting, search engine optimization, brand identity and print, ecommerce, custom applications, multimedia, and web page hosting in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and Kelowna, BC, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, New York and New Jersey, New York, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, California, Denver, Colorado, Miami, Florida, West Virginia and more!





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